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Watched a video of a 15 minute speech by Jason Randal.  You can view it here . . . It’s from a website called The 99 Percent, the title of which was inspired by the Thomas Edison quote, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”  Lots of other excellent videos on the website with other info, so it’s definitely worth a visit.

Back to the video . . . Jason Randal has an extensive resume including a PhD in Pyschology, is a flight instructor for helicopters and airplanes, speaks three languages, plays several musical instruments, has a 6th degree Black Belt, and is a magician with appearances on the Letterman Show etc. etc. . . you get the idea.  He has definitely been a person that put in the “99% perspiration” to make things happen in his life.

The point I especially recall from the video is his recommendation to have a bias towards action.  Randal talks about the fact that we all have dreams and goals but at some point we have to take the first step even if it’s as simple as making a  phone call.  But he says many people never take the first step and the dreams and goals never turn into results.  “Doing” versus “thinking about doing.”

This advice struck a chord with me since I’ve been thinking about a trip to Tanzania for this fall.  Well . . . . I’ve started checking airfares, visa requirements, hotels etc.  Who has time to be writing a blog when there’s travel plans to make?

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